Train differently on steroids

Train differently on steroids

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We will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate differently abled passengers who desire to ride one of our trps. Train differently on steroids. Just curious if you guys train more frequently or change your workout routine while on cycle.

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Some people train a body part twice a week because they recover so fast. .


Most don't, and 90 will ssay that is over training. .


But it is all about wha works for you. .


Bros just wondering if you guys also train a lot different when on the steroids than natty, because I hit it a lot harder with less rest time when I'm juiced to the gills. I train 5 days a week(usually, depending on work). .


Chest/tris, back/bi's, legs, shoulders. .


I have learned over the years though, you need to change shit up! Use different equip., change up you days to keep your body on its toes, so it does not. .


I've hear very different opinions like these: "eat 50g of protein only" "you must have a high carb meal 30min before training " "dont train before 2h after meal". .

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