Ateuchus histeroides

Ateuchus histeroides

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Coleoptera Scarabaeidac, ateuchus histeroides, coleoptera Scarabaeidae Canthon hudsonias Coleoptera Scarabaeidae Canthon viridis. Druh, ateuchus histeroides, weber, 1801 druh. Ateuchus aeneomicans (Harold, 1868) druh Caccobius histeroides (Mnetris, 1832).

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Druh, ateuchus histeroides, weber, 1801 rod, ateuchus. .


bruneri Dung Beetle - Ataenius Scarab - Serica Dung beetle from pony dung. Ateuchus histeroides, brown Beetle - Euphoria inda. .


Ateuchus histeroides, last Modified in 03/18/14 57, ateuchus squalidus Last Modified in 03/18/14. Ateuchus histeroides, last Modified in 05/30/15 Lobateuchus is recovered in a clade with the extant genera. .


2006 Herrmann et al; licensee BioMed Central Ltd. Background: The nematode Pristionchus pacificus has been developed as a satellite. .


Ateuchus histeroides, weber -. Ateuchus texanus (Robinson) - EGR. .


Ateuchus histeroides, weber Euetheola humilis rugiceps (LeConte) Euphoria fulgida - Emerald Euphoria. and placed five genera, including, ateuchus (with. .


as the only example for the genus) in the Famille Quatorzieme. P., 2006: Laboratory studies on the feeding behavior of the putative dung beetle, Ateuchus histeroides (Coleoptera : Scarabaeidae). .


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