Microbial transformation of steroid hormones

Microbial transformation of steroid hormones

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Biotransformation of steroids. Steroid biotransformation Presented by :- Sudha Chib (H) bt (2). Contents introduction types OF steroidal transformation commercial development fermentation condition OF some steroids advantages disadvantages. Microbial Transformation of, steroids: urrent Trends in ortical Side hain leavage Sangita M Rao1.

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Ation as drugs and hormones. Io-transformations have provided adequate tools for the large sale produ tion of natural or modified steroid analogues1. .


Highly om-plex stru ture of steroids moleules renders the use of io atalysts for the produ tion. Steroid transformations by microbial systems A great deal of work has been car-fiiied QUIon production of fats with many yeasts and molds. .


The relatively new field of microbial transformation of compounds, with which the microbial cell normally does not come into contact, depends above all on the high adaptability of these cells and their enzymic systems for transformation of such substrates. .

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